Carmelita Jeter, Female American Sprinter


With four Diolase 10™ laser treatments, 30-year-old Jeter is symptom free and goes on to win the 4 x 1 US Relay Team at the Penn Relays & the 100 meter at the Jamaica Invitational.

  • Presented with right ankle and foot pain 13 days from injury lunging at finish line at the National Indoor Championships
  • Had been receiving ice, ultrasound and traditional physiotherapy.
  • Plain film Xrays were unremarkable
  • MR impression DDX = 2.1 cm ganglion cyst vs. septated synovial cyst extending posteriorly from subtalar/tibiotalar joints
  • Treatment 4x per week, total of 9 treatments at 12,000 J, no other modalities
  • Was symptom free within 4 treatments
  • Stayed cautious during early training sessions
  • Competed and won on 4x1 US Relay Team at the Penn Relays and won 100 meter (10.8) at Jamaica Invitational
  • Plans to continue maintenance treatment


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