Mattie Larson, U.S. Gymnast


With weekly Diolase 10™ laser treatments, 17-year-old Mattie Larson bounces back from compound injury and wins the Cover Girl Championship and places 1st on floor routine and 2nd all around in the Professional National Championship.


  • Made Olympic team, had beaten Shaun Johnson and Nastia on Floor Routine and was injured on the beam and not allowed to compete further
  • Flew home on Sunday night and came to office following day
  • Examined radiographically and sent out for MRI. Impression confirmed small incomplete fracture/contusion of navicular and stress reaction of MID 2nd metatarsal on the right foot
  • Focal bone contusion of navicular, stress reaction of MID 2nd metatarsal and moderate tibiotalar joint effusion of left foot
  • Treated 3 x per week with Diolase 10 for 4 weeks, wheel chair for two weeks, bilateral boots for 4 weeks followed by 2X per week for 4 weeks, then laser as needed
  • Competed again on 9-14-2009 at full intensity

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