McKenzie Method: Safe & Effective Self-Help Approach to Back and Neck Pain


In 1993, we became the only credentialed, interdisciplinary McKenzie Clinic in the world. The McKenzie method explores your possibilities for developing self-care strategies in order to reduce, eliminate and prevent your back and neck symptoms from returning.

For over 20 years, we have used the McKenzie Method to evaluate each of our patients. This method, developed in the 1960’s by New Zealand physical therapist, Robin McKenzie, has proven to be the safest and most effective method of assessment and treatment. Through a comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the spine, we can centralize the symptoms so you can resume your normal level of activity, increase your range of motion and reduce your symptoms: not to mention, the number of office visits. We remain in constant communication with you throughout the evaluation and treatment, creating an active partnership between you and the therapist. This provides you with a general understanding about your pain/injury and arms you with the knowledge of preventative care and correction. The McKenzie Method may also eliminate expensive, invasive and unnecessary procedures.

The McKenzie Method is made up of three basic elements:

  1. Assessment & Mechanical Diagnosis

    Using a thorough, step-by-step evaluation and assessment of the effects of habitual positions on a patient pain profile, we safely and quickly classify the condition.

  2. Mechanical Treatment

    Through individualized and progressive exercises to strengthen the back, a patient begins self-generated movements with assistance/coaching from our certified therapist. For more serious conditions, our certified McKenzie Method practitioner will apply advanced hands-on techniques to manipulate and mobilize.

  3. Prevention of Recurrence

    We teach each patient how to modify activities that are causing the pain, based on the mechanical diagnosis. This final step is followed by a series of self-treated therapeutic exercises. More serious conditions may require additional therapic methods.

    We are committed to your own Self-Help Care. Our responsibility and goal is to empower you to understand your condition, pain behavior, the relationship between posture and pain, as well as how to perform therapeutic exercises properly. With these concepts of self-management, you will maintain long-term results and a pain free lifestyle.


Centralize your pain by moving it away from the extremities and into the back, allowing for the source to be treated, verses the symptoms.


Prevention of pain through self-treatment exercises & lifestyle shifts.

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