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Chiropractic therapies are designed to treat the whole body in a natural and holistic approach that treats the entire lifestyle of the patient. Diet, nutrition, and life practices can determine as much about our health as anything else. By practicing a healthy lifestyle, more expensive and drastic medical techniques like drugs and surgery can often be avoided.We treat a wide range of conditions, including back and neck pain, and spinal pain and injuries. Curvature of the spine, also called scoliosis, can be treated effectively with chiropractic techniques. Chiropractic methods can also treat headaches and pain, including migraine headaches. Soft tissue and muscle injuries can be treated by massage and other traditional therapies.
Our laser therapies can be used by many patients to help them reduce inflammation and to help promote healing.

Our Services

In addition to traditional chiropractic services like spinal decompression and adjustment, we offer laser therapy, custom orthotics, and the McKenzie method to diagnose and treat patients. McKenzie methods enable patients to maintain their health by teaching self-care techniques to prevent back and neck conditions from returning. We also offer injury rehabilitation services to help our patients recover from a variety of injuries and we offer spinal decompression to help our patients overcome herniated discs or other spinal conditions.